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Atomic quilting parts

A collection of laminated construction paper quilting atoms


When the Greeks came up with the notion of ‘atomos’ — indivisible — they couldn’t have foreseen the discovery of the periodic table and its towering impact on all the fields of science.  The word atom has come to mean the smallest building block of nature, even though with each passing year science finds yet another way to subdivide the atom into even smaller and more obscure particles.

So I thought the word ‘atom’ was particularly apt for the study of quilt piecing, because it, too, becomes much more understandable by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. If you understand the basic units — ‘atoms’ — of quilt piecing, you can reduce any complex pattern into a collection of easy-to-piece units.   And once you can piece the basic units with confidence, you can scale them to any size you like.

In this blog I’ll cover the units I consider to be basic to quilting, as well as my favorite methods of constructing them.  I’ll also give you some basic blocks and patterns to get you started on your quilting adventure.

If you’re new to quilting, the simplest quilting atoms and blocks will be a great place to start.  If you’re experienced you might like to follow along, and maybe you’ll find something new to you along the way.

Since I’m coming from an engineering background, the underlying math and relationships of quilting are fun for me.  If you’re geeky you might like it too, but if not I’ll make it simpler for you though so you can get more enjoyment out of the quilting time you have in the midst of your busy lives.

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  1. Donna Henderson
    Donna Henderson at · Reply

    Marybeth, hi, I’m Donna Henderson, Wendy Thrash’s significant other. We met a number of years ago. You showed me your embroidery sewing machine. I still have the sample you made.

    I just completed my first quilt top. A 44″ x 38″ crib quilt. Yvonne Lam mentioned to me that you long-arm quilt. I was wondering if you have room on your schedule to quilt this blanket for me? I’m have a sample of how I’d like it quilted–an all over spiral pattern. I haven’t picked out the batting yet. Will need some advice about that.

    Feel free to call me if you want to disuss this real time: 206-849-9315 or email me at hendersondm@earthlink.net

  2. June Mize
    June Mize at · Reply

    Hi, my name is June Mize and I have a quilt that I would like you to custom quilt. You were recommeded by Linda Nelson.
    What address do I send the quilt to? 480-745-4736 And will I need to send the batting?

    mize0125@hotmail.com Thank you.

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